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Every year several people do not win their court cases due to their poor legal representation. While it is essential for every citizen to know their rights, having proper and experienced legal representation by Morgantown lawyers is just as important. After you or anyone you love gets arrested, the last thing you want is to deal with the complex legal procedures all by yourself. One small mistake can cost you your time, money, and hamper your freedom. However, hiring our legal team in West Virginia as your representation can help you out in the long run. 

We are TKC Law: a law firm dedicated to protecting your rights. We take pride in the professionalism and the care we put into every case in all of our practice areas. Our aim is to earn the trust and respect of our clients, and our lawyers have their doors open for anyone seeking legal assistance from us. 

We have defended the residents of Morgantown for years, so we have gathered extensive legal experience, which has helped us to take on any case. Our committed legal team consistently researches the ever-changing law so that we are prepared in the courtroom. At TKC Law, every case and every client matters to us, so allow us to extend our legal assistance to you. Are you ready to say your side of the story? Pick up that phone and book a consultation with one of our Morgantown lawyer!

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Kianna Rodriguez
Kianna Rodriguez
17:43 08 Sep 21
Tyler is literally the best in Morgantown, he does everything quickly, professionally and makes sure you get the best... of your money. He is super understanding and helpful. He is an amazing lawyer! Highly recommend more
Phillip France
Phillip France
20:47 24 Aug 21
Extremely intelligent, and down to earth at the same time. I was being falsely accused of a crime that could have... ruined my career. But Thanks to his services the truth came out and It was more
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At TKC Law Firm You Come First

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So, how can you tell if your attorneys in Morgantown WV is right for your case? Here are some things to consider:

Avoid ‘Deal’ Junkies. Most law firms offer a free consultation when their clients reach out to them, but make sure you ask what they will actually do for you. Every reputable West Virginia attorney worth their salt should have at least the following: An Experience Record . This shows that the lawyer has successfully completed past cases that are an accurate representation of yours in terms of complexity or difficulty and field of practice. The more difficult the case, the better they should be as an attorney.

Accurate Problem Diagnosis . A good firm will time and time again, be able to tell you what the underlying problems are that may cause your case to fail or succeed. If they can clearly and accurately show how your case is going to play out, then they’re on the right track. The ability to communicate in a clear manner without using legal jargon.

An Ability To Stay On Track . They should be able to keep your best interests at the forefront of all their actions while never losing sight of the ultimate objective: getting you what you deserve.

The lawyers in Morgantown WV at TKC have been helping people with a variety of legal matters for years. They are skilled lawyers that stand by their clients 100% giving them peace of mind when they need it most. I would recommend the West Virginia lawyers at TKC to anyone who needs help obtaining compensation for a personal injury or resolving criminal defense problems.

-Former Client

Rely On Our Attorneys in Morgantown WV

We have all seen movies depicting lawyers as shrewd, cunning, and sketchy; However, we are nothing like that. We are here to use our legal knowledge in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury to help you no matter how complex your case is. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with complicated legalities and terms. With us, you do not have to worry about feeling overwhelmed when talking to our attorneys in Morgantown WV . We work to make every step simple and direct for you by explaining everything clearly. 

We are dedicated attorneys in Morgantown, WV who have been serving the community of Morgantown for the past several years. Our focus is on trying to defend our clients efficiently. When in a distressing situation, you deserve quality and experienced legal representation, and that is why you should be very careful when choosing your legal representation. Defending our community is our natural calling. Regardless of the practice area, here are a few more reasons to choose us:

  • Our lawyers in Morgantown WV offer comprehensive legal representation.
  • If needed, our lawyers will make good use of our administrative and research resources and personnel.
  • We work hard to provide excellence in our handling and approach of every type of case.
  • We give extensive attention to details so that our lawyers can focus on what matters the most. 
  • Our extensive experience in the law industry has given our attorneys extended knowledge of many different types of court cases.
  • Whether you are a first-time offender or it is your subsequent offense, our approach and dedication will not change. 
  • Our attorneys will answer your questions patiently.
  • Our privacy is our priority- we maintain high standards of confidentiality.
  • Our attorneys in Morgantown WV are always ready to enhance our techniques and provide our clients with the best service.
  • Having been in the industry for several years, our firm has built a connection with judges, local courts, probation officers, and other resources that help to benefit any case. 

At TKC Law, our lawyers in Morgantown WV understand the gravity of every legal situation. So if you are in one, Give us a call today.

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Morgantown Lawyers That Get Real Results

TKC Law is one of those Morgantown law firms that has a dynamic range of legal services. Here’s a sneak-peek into our service portfolio:

  • Drug Crimes: One of the most common cases our city lawyers handle are drug-related crimes. You can face criminal drug charges if you indulge in processing, cultivating, creating, or distributing drugs to other individuals or groups. The punishments against such crimes can vary from minor penalties to imprisonment for several years depending on the substance involved and the severity of the case. 
  • Sexual Crimes: Actions of prostitution, unwanted sexual contact or intercourse, pornography, indecent exposure, and other related situations will lead to severe legal penalties. If charged with sexual criminal charges, an individual can lose their freedom and prestige. It will be in one’s best interest to connect with our Morgantown attorney for legal assistance in such cases. 
  • Juvenile Crimes: Almost 55% of adolescents can struggle in their youth and commit crimes before becoming adults. Our Morgantown lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of the children involved in criminal cases. 
  • DUI: Police officers often pull drivers over for driving under the influence. If their blood alcohol content level is above the legal amount of .08%, they will be charged with a DUI. Our lawyers also handle DUI cases. 
  • Violent Crimes: Any form of threat taken against another person or aggressive, forceful action resulting in bodily injury can be labeled as a violent crime. Other crimes such as robbery, assault, rape, and murder can also be included under this category. If charged for these crimes, the convict can be subjected to lifetime imprisonment. The lawyers at our Morgantown law firms also handle violent crime cases.

Our services are not limited to just these cases (these are barely the tip of the iceberg). Our Morgantown attorneys can also handle the following cases:

  • Preliminary Hearings
  • Probation Violations
  • Property Crimes
  • Hit and Run
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Theft Crimes
morgantown lawyers
morgantown attorneys

Your Reliable Morgantown Lawyer

Are you or anyone close to you being charged for criminal offenses? Regardless of what the case is; whether you’re on Clay Street or anywhere in Morgantown WV 26505, it is always better to hire a professional Morgantown attorney to help you with your case. Lawyers can handle a lot of work- from talking to the police, posting for bail, arranging paperwork, and a whole lot more. One of the first questions that pop up in these situations is why you should hire professional Morgantown attorneys like ours? Below are a few different reasons as to why you should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney:

  • The main reason to hire professional criminal defense attorneys is that they are thoroughly acquainted with the judicial system and understand how the system works. Legal formalities can be confusing, but an experienced lawyer can handle all the intricacies of the judicial system. 
  • These lawyers know how the court system works; therefore they can guide you in the right direction.
  • Many of the attorneys in Morgantown WV residents turn to can assess law enforcement’s conduct. Most residents are not aware of the legal limits of law enforcement; However, an experienced criminal defense attorney has spent years working closely with law enforcement entities. Thus, they have learned how to identify the blind spots and loopholes in certain cases as well as understand all the nuances of proper law enforcement procedure. 
  • An experienced lawyer can help you understand the charges and penalties you face.
  • They can also help you understand what a police officer is allowed to do while investigating a client and can protect your rights. 
  • Professional criminal defense lawyers in Morgantown WV could have any evidence dismissed from your case if the evidence gathering was improperly done. 
  • Criminal attorneys can assess and analyze the future course of the case. They know what penalties their client can face, so they can help you get an idea of what the future might look like. Furthermore, they can also use their legal knowledge to prevent a few unwanted outcomes. 
  •  Based on your case, our attorney Morgantown WV residents often turn to know what is best for your case. They can tell you when you should battle the criminal charges in court or take a plea deal from prosecutors. 
  • Experienced criminal defense lawyers can get your penalties lessened,  charges reduced, or even get your case dismissed due to police errors who may have obtained evidence against you illegally. These experienced law professionals know how to use the loopholes in your favor. By doing this, they can also keep your felony off your criminal record, keep you from jail, and help save your job.
  • A Morgantown attorney can protect you from any negative impact of a criminal conviction if they can get your case dismissed (provided the law enforcement conducts unlawful activities.) 
  • Morgantown Lawyers can take care of all the complex paperwork on your behalf. 

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Due to their dedication, there is little  doubt that our attorneys Morgantown WV residents often turn to is a smart choice for anyone seeking legal assistance. Throughout the past few years, our firm has offered unprecedented commitment that is evident in our case handling.

Every Morgantown lawyer under our banner has a fighter mentality. While juggling with legal proceedings, the last thing you would want on your plate is stress.

Although William S Adams at Adams Legal Group and Angotti Straface, located at 274 Spruce St, my have more experience, no other firm will fight for your case like TKC Law as we tackle ever situation with something to prove.

Put your faith in us- we will try to keep stress as much away from you as possible. Do not hesitate any longer- call us today to set up your appointment. Our attorneys Morgantown WV residents prefer offer informative consultations to all our criminal defense clients.

Trust us, we will not leave you disappointed. We are here to serve and meet your needs! You can find our Attorney Tyler K. Cottrill on Martindale Hubbell or contact us at our phone number 1 (304) 689 4960 for a Free Consultation.

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