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What Can TKC Law Do About Gun Crimes?

If you or your loved one is being charged with a gun crime, then it’s important to contact a lawyer immediately. These charges can result in felony convictions and jail time which can have lasting effects on your life. It’s best to contact TKC Law Firm who specializes in these cases and can help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

If you commit a criminal offense with a gun, you are often charged with the offense of possession along with any other charge that you may be facing. TKC Law, however, can provide vigorous representation for your case as it relates to the offense of possession. If you are found guilty for this type of offense, you can face a variety of penalties if convicted, depending on the severity level of the crime that you committed. The use or possession of guns in many ways can cause irreparable damage if they are used by people who are not authorized to possess them; this is why it is important to get representation from someone like TKC Law. Apart from criminal charges, there could also be civil charges which could lead to lawsuits being filed against you. TKC Law and our experienced lawyers will be able to provide legal advice in these cases as well.

We take pride in the fact that our firm is a “gun rights” firm. In other words, we keep you and your family protected by advocating for your constitutional rights to bear arms and use firearms in self-defense. Our attorneys know gun laws and self-defense laws better than anyone in Morgantown West Virginia and can provide experienced representation.

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West Virginia Gun Laws And How We Can Help!

To reduce crime in West Virginia, lawmakers passed a bill in 2004 that imposes a minimum sentence for someone convicted of armed robbery. If the defendant is an adult and they used a firearm, then they will face two to fifteen years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines. If the defendant is a juvenile, then they will face twelve months to one year in jail and up to $2,500 in fines. In addition, if you’re 18 or older and you have been previously convicted of three violent crimes involving firearms – this includes three instances where you carried an illegal weapon knowingly – then you will receive life imprisonment.

To put it simply, you have to be careful when carrying a gun around the state. Punishments are harsh and they’re meant to keep people from committing crimes. If you do get caught with a gun, then contact TKC Law Firm immediately so we can help you build your defense and avoid being convicted of a felony because it will change your life forever. Our team does everything they can to fight for our clients and their rights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Crimes

A person who commits a second degree gun crime in West Virginia faces as much as five years in prison and $6,500 in fines.

Manslaughter, murder, aggravated assault and kidnapping are the most common first-degree crimes. Other crimes that can qualify as a first-degree offense include arson, rape or sexual battery if the victim is under 12 years old, and robbery.

The victims of domestic violence in the United States are protected from their offenders owning guns when they obtain a restraining order against them. This is in accordance with federal and state laws like the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which offers stricter punishments for certain gun-related violations and created additional federal crimes for stalkers and abusive partners.

On average, West Virginia law enforcement attribute 8 gun deaths per year to gunshot.

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