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What Can TKC Law Do As Your West Virginia Car Accident Lawyer?

TKC Law is a personal injury law firm that specializes in helping victims of car accidents. We focus on the needs of our clients and their families. We also develop a relationship with each client and tailor each case to meet their specific needs. Our West Virginia car accident lawyers are dedicated to making the process of receiving compensation for injuries as stress free as possible.

It seems that auto accidents are happening more frequently, especially in this day and age where people get distracted by their cell phones or other electronic devices. Add in aggressive driving and terrible weather conditions, it can be deadly situation on the road. Even with the best precautions taken while driving, you still put yourself at risk when driving with other drivers who aren’t taking precautions or obeying traffic laws.

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A West Virginia Car Accident Lawyer You Can Trust

There’s only so much you can do to protect yourself from careless drivers while on the road, but there is something you can do if you’re hurt in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else. Consulting TKC Law after a personal injury scenario will help give your case just that extra edge it needs in winning a fair settlement. Here are three things to expect when you team up with a personal injury law firm.

1. The Initial Consultation at TKC Law

When you walk in the doors of our office, we will make sure to care for you and your loved ones. The first thing that I ask is how my client is doing and whether or not they have any complaints about their visit thus far. If they do, then I will address it right away and take action accordingly. We want our clients to feel welcomed by us from the moment they walk in through our doors until the moment their case is closed out with a win or a loss . It’s important to us that a relationship be built between our clients and us. We want to be accessible to our clients during this trying time in their lives and doing so means building trust in the process.

2. The Investigation of Your Case

A law firm that handles personal injury cases will typically have an investigator on staff who is in charge of finding all the evidence needed for your case. When a client first walks through our doors, we will normally request for them to provide us with a log of events from the moment they were injured up until now. They may be asked to provide records if any surgeries were done or medical bills incurred after being injured at the accident scene . Our investigators are efficient and reliable when it comes to getting new information about your case as it may come up before trial begins. It’s important to us that we know as much as we can about your case and the investigation is one of the steps in getting that information.

3. The Trial Preparation

When things begin to wind down and you’re close to going into trial, then everything will be coming together. Our firm has a dedicated staff who spends all their time focused on your case so nothing falls through the cracks when it comes preparation for trial . They will go over every document again and they will go over every detail with you so there aren’t any surprises or misunderstandings during proceedings . You should start feeling more confident at this stage because you’ll feel like your case couldn’t fall through the cracks no matter how hard anyone tried.

If you were injured in an automobile accident and you want to know if you have a case, then we invite you to consult with one of our West Virginia car accident attorneys at TKC Law. We will advise whether or not your case has merit and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that justice is served for those who caused your injuries.

Look No Further For Your Morgantown Car Accident Lawyer

Our innovative car accident attorneys offer a variety of services. Our legal team will go over the details of your motor vehicle accidents and how it’s possible that there could be a lawsuit against the driver, insurance company or both. If this is your first time dealing with a West Virginia car accident attorney, then don’t worry about the terms; there are plenty of resources available to set out what each term means before signing on the dotted line. Once we’ve gone over all the details, you’ll be presented with the best format that will work for your case.

If it turns out that you have a legitimate car accident claim against insurance companies or another party, they may settle or go to trial depending on what information is present at the time of filing. Since every personal injury case brings about different circumstances and fault can be placed on multiple parties , there isn’t always a clear winner . A settlement means that both parties are able to come together and agree on an amount which will compensate them for their injuries. If it goes to trial then you need an attorney who can build up your case so that justice is properly served against those responsible for your pain and suffering . It’s important during this time for clients to feel comfortable throughout the process and know that the facts are taken care of so there’s no surprise when it comes time for trial.

It’s also vital to ensure you understand the various laws in place so you’ll be able to receive proper compensation, whatever stage your case is at. Every state has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to personal injury cases so someone who isn’t familiar with your state’s laws may not be able to properly prepare or guide you through these proceedings. We can accurately determine what option would work best for your particular situation; it doesn’t matter if you were injured in a car accident, by defective products , medical mistake or any other reason.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

Absolutely! Getting a lawyer is worth it, especially if you need help filing for your MVA (motor vehicle accident) claim or an injury.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and hire the right representation for this type of situation. Getting legal advice is critical in order to make sure you’re properly informed about what you can do next after the accident. It’s also wise to know whether you might be entitled to compensation for personal injury, like medical expenses or lost wages resulting from the crash that wasn’t your fault.

It will depend on how serious you are injured. If you have any medical issues, I would at least consult with a lawyer to help you figure out if it is worth the time and money.

I would say it is worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident, as the insurance company may try to take advantage of you. But, before you hire a lawyer, you should talk to your lawyer about how much time and money it will cost.

No. West Virginia is a fault state for auto accidents. The victim of an auto accident has to prove that the other driver was at-fault in order to recover compensation from the other driver’s insurance company.

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